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Recycled Dog Toy Billund Fox

Recycled Dog Toy Billund Fox

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You simply have to love them - if only for the reason that you will never get bored with the droll characters of the BILLUND series. What the cuddly soft companions have in common is that they are made of 100% reused materials. Valuable resources are saved during production compared to conventional methods.

A more sustainable choice for nature, animals and people, without the slightest hint of compromise in playfulness. No matter what shape and special features the four-legged friend prefers and whether cuddly toys with a soft filling or without at all are to delight - BILLUND does justice to dogs of all ages in its diversity and appeals to everyone from dachshund mixes to Great Danes.

By deliberately avoiding squeakers, the toys with their appealing animal look are ideal for quiet play and indoor activity that is both quiet and appropriate for the species. The generous sniffing carpet offers clever four-legged friends long-lasting activity. The individual »chambers« can be filled again and again with small snacks that need to be found. Most four-legged friends love to use their nose and their excellent sense of smell - especially for a game like this with direct reward.

If the dog has had a bit of practice, hiding just a few treats provides particularly intense sniffing pleasure and a sense of achievement that is good for his self-confidence. If, on the other hand, Bello likes to carry a »light prey« that can be tossed back and forth and that scores with loving details, the flat BILLUND version is guaranteed to be a highlight in the dog's toy collection. Note: Please never leave the pet unattended while playing. No toy is indestructible. To prevent injuries, the toy should be checked regularly for damage or loose parts and replaced if necessary.


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