PETITE Cody Leather Lead – Dark Brown/Cognac 8mm/140cm


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Hunter Cody Petit Leash, Snap Hook, Small Dogs

Small dogs can have large demands. Did you know that conventional collars and leashes can be too heavy for your little dog? HUNTER therefore designed the CODY PETIT leash especially for small dogs. By virtue of its slender design and lightweight carabiner, it does not encumber your small dog at all. A conventional wide leash with a hefty carabiner can be too burdensome for your little dog. With its delicate shape and lightweight carabiner, the CODY PETIT leash is so light that it does not put any weight on your dog’s collar. Due to the nature of the bison leather, the leash is also very supple and feels very soft and secure in your hand. The exclusive bison leather originates from strictly controlled and sustainable livestock. Notice: Our leather is produced as gently as possible. With a dyed leather there may be a slight discolouration.

  • The grain of each leather makes it a unique
  • Rustic, natural look
  • With especially small and light carabiner
  • Ideal for small dogs
  • With detachable bison leather key fob
  • From strictly controlled, sustainable breeding
  • With hand loop
  • Made in Germany



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