Orthopaedic Dog Mat Tirano – Grey


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Orthopaedic Dog Mat Tirano
A restful sleep is just as important for dogs as for people. Unsuitable beds can cause pain and tension, especially in older dogs and dogs with joint problems. Thanks to the pressure-relieving memory foam mat, the orthopedic dog mat TIRANO optimally distributes the weight of the dog and thus relieves the entire body. Dogs that perform particularly well in sports or puppies that need preventive care are also grateful for TIRANO. The comfortable dog mat can be used on its own or as an inlay, for example in dog boxes. While the pleasant textured fabric gives the mat an elegant look, the lying surface scores points with warming, cuddly plush trimming. The robust and easy-care cover can be completely removed thanks to the zipper and washed at 30 °C. Note: Please close the zipper before washing.

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