Collar Convenience L (60), black


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Hunter Collar Convenience L (60), black

Size: Size 60 | Length 47 – 55 cm | Width 2,5 cm

With the CONVENIENCE collar you don’t need to compromise on either appearance or durability – because this collar has it all! Naturally the CONVENIENCE collar is ideally suited for everyday use, because a hard-wearing and attractive collar is always a good thing. But the CONVENIENCE collar truly comes into its own when it has to meet challenging demands, perhaps in tracking work or mantrailing. The collar is made from an innovative, particularly robust plastic composite. This material not only brings out the best in the diverse colours in which the CONVENIENCE collar is available, it is also particularly low maintenance. The plastic material for the CONVENIENCE collar is waterproof. So you can simply wash or wipe it down, if it gets dirty while working.

  • made of robust plastic material
  • water repellent
  • easy care


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