Nylon Training Leash Violet


made of high-quality nylon material
particularly hard-wearing and easy to clean
3-fold adjustable

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When choosing a leash, practicality is a priority. The 3-way adjustable training leash is particularly practical as its length can be easily adjusted and the durable nylon material makes it very hard-wearing and easy to clean. The length of this versatile leash can be easily adjusted with the help of the rings and clips and the leash can be set to the length that you need at any given moment. This makes the 3-way adjustable training leash the practical choice for daily walks, dog training and sport. Thanks to the easy-care fabric, the weather and terrain will barely leave a mark on the training leash. If it gets dirty, all you need to do is wash it and it’ll be ready to go again! The nylon fabric is soft and flexible and comfortable to hold, even over longer periods of time.

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Width 10mm length 200cm, Width 15mm length 200cm, Width 20mm length 200cm, Width 25mm length 200cm

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