Nylon Safety Harness Vario Rapid – Red


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Hunter Nylon Safety Harness Vario Rapid – Red

When dogs start to panic and try to run away, they can turn into true escape artists, getting out of almost any harness, no matter how well it fits. This is a dangerous situation that none of us want to experience, as the strength that dogs summon can be enormous. This is why we have developed the VARIO RAPID safety harness for especially anxious pets. It includes an additional tummy strap that will make it almost impossible for your dog to free itself from this panic harness. What makes it special is that, once your four-legged friend has overcome its fear, you can simply take off the second tummy strap, giving you a classic harness.

  • Prevents wriggling out of the harness
  • Removable additional stomach strap
  • Without the additional stomach strap, the safety harness can also be used as a classic Y harness
  • Various adjustment options
  • Light click fasteners made of plastic

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XS-S Neck 29 – 39 cm Chest 38 – 52 cm Width 1.5 cm, S-M Neck 36 – 51 cm Chest 48 – 70 cm Width 2.0 cm, M-L Neck 47 – 66 cm Chest 64 – 100 cm Width 2.5 cm

Using a flexible tape measure, measure the circumference of your dog’s abdomen (B) just behind the front legs at the widest point of the chest. The tape measure should be tight but not restrict your dog. Leave approximately one finger’s breadth between the tape measure and your dog. You can use this measurement and the circumference of the neck (A) to determine the correct harness size. As a rule, all harnesses are adjustable around the abdomen as well as in several other positions, making it possible to adapt the harness optimally to any body shape for ideal comfort.

All harnesses from the HUNTER range are characterised by easy handling, sophisticated details and padding.