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Tough Tambo Dog Toy, Squeeker, Durable, Hand Wash

With our new TOUGH TAMBO dog toy range, you have the choice of which animal play partner to put by your pelt nose’s side. Whether maritime or land-based – with so much variety, the choice is already difficult. But all the toys in the series have one thing in common: thanks to their material mix of durable polyurethane and polyester with occasional applications of imitation fur, your dog is guaranteed to enjoy playing for a long time. And also the inner life can be seen, or rather heard: a squeaker provides additional acoustic stimulation. Note: Please never leave the animal unattended while playing. No toy is indestructible. To prevent injury, check the toy regularly for damage or loose parts and replace the toy if necessary.

  • Dog toy to play, cuddle and love
  • For medium to large dogs
  • 34cm
  • Wild look with smooth and cuddly surface
  • With animating squeaker
  • Can be easily picked up and retrieved
  • With reinforced seams for more stabilit